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Ukraine – Faking News Still Does Not Help Winning

•, by Moon of Alabama

Two years ago a mystic 'Ghost of Kiev' was allegedly shooting down Russian aircraft left and right. The ghost turned out to be a fake character. The Ukrainian air force had never had such successes.

Two years on it is still the same story. The Ukrainian government claims something and western media print it as if it had really happened.

When the claim is debunked, often sooner than later, its simply vanishes from the headlines.

Yesterday we had this media wave:

Russian planes 'destroyed' in major attack on Morozovsk airfield – Telegraph
Ukraine drones destroy six Russian warplanes in one of its biggest attacks of war – The i
Ukraine claims it destroyed Russian warplanes in one of its biggest drone attacks of the war – AP
Russia-Ukraine war live: 20 members of Russian airfield personnel killed or injured in drone attack, Kyiv says – Guardian
Ukraine war latest: Ukraine strikes airfields in Russia, destroying or damaging 19 warplanes, sources say – Kyiv Independent
OVERNIGHT ONSLAUGHT Ukraine launches massive drone attack destroying six planes & killing 20 Russian troops as '60 explosions' rock airbase – The Sun
The Russia side confirmed the attacks but denied any significant damage:

Rybar Force @rybar_force – 9:58 UTC · Apr 5, 2024

During the night, the AFU launched drones into Russian territory.

????The primary target was the Morozovsk airfield in the Rostov region, where Ukrainian forces dispatched 44 drones. The exact type remains unknown and will be determined upon analyzing the debris. However, there is a high likelihood that these are the same UAVs that the enemy has been utilizing in recent weeks.

Out of these, 26 drones were intercepted by Pantsir-S1 air defense missile systems, and 18 by rifle squads. Based on the videos circulating online, it is evident that the drones were flying at an extremely low altitude, enhancing the level of stealth.

There was no significant damage to the infrastructure. The debris hit a few buildings. Additionally, the substation suffered damage, resulting in a temporary power outage.