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Just as power grids struggle, the AI and EV electricity monsters turn up for breakfast

• arclein

The usual slow grid planning processes are getting upended. Take the US State of Georgia for example. They have scored lots of new electric vehicle and battery factories, a few large "clean energy" manufacturing projects, and have attracted a bunch of energy-sucking data centers, but all of these things add massive loads to the grid. In the last 22 years demand for electricity hasn't growth much, so in 2022 Georgia Power were expecting to close their coal fired plants pretty soon, and not even put forward a new plan til 2025. Instead Georgia Power are knocking on the state regulators door to let it expand generation. They're now expecting winter demand will grow 17 times faster than their previous plan, and summer use will explode to 28 times more*. In 2022 they thought the system might be OK until 2030. Now they think the "shortfalls" start by 2025. And 70% of the capacity they want to add is fossil fuel based.