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Farmers' Protests Using Tractors to Block Traffic Halt EU Green New Deal in Its Tracks

•, AP News

Farmers object to costly new 'green' regulations and the importation of cheap grain from Ukraine. 
The EU has 'indefinitely' scuttled the Nature Restoration plan that is a part of the EU's European Green Deal that seeks to establish the world's most ambitious climate and biodiversity targets. Under the plan, member states would have to meet restoration targets for specific habitats and species, to cover at least 20% of the region's land and sea areas by 2030.

Hungary changed its vote, so there is no longer a qualified majority in support of the Nature Restoration plan.

There is a European Parliament election in June and the bill could resurface after the election. 

A major European Union plan to better protect nature in the 27-nation bloc and fight climate change was indefinitely postponed Monday, underscoring how farmers' protests sweeping the continent have had a deep influence on politics.

The deadlock on the bill, which could undermine the EU's global stature on the issue, came less than three months before the European Parliament election in June.

The member states were supposed to give final approval to the biodiversity bill on Monday following months of proceedings through the EU's institutional maze. But what was supposed to be a mere rubber stamp has now turned into its possible perpetual shelving.

"How could we give that up? How could we say 'We decided not to restore nature,'" a disappointed Irish Environment Minister Eamon Ryan said. "Not deliver on the protection of biodiversity is a shocking statement to the rest of the world," he added, urging diplomatic pressure so that the bill could belatedly still be approved.