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Gavin Newsom Snipes At Idaho After State Bans Diversity Requirements For Colleges

•, by Tyler Durden

In a trend that's growing quickly among red states, Governor Brad Little recently announced that Idaho is officially banning DEI requirements and "statements" used by public educational institutions as a metric for hiring employees or as an entry model for student candidates applying to colleges and universities.  

Senate Bill 1274, now signed into law, will "prohibit the requirement of statements regarding diversity as a condition of employment in postsecondary education" in the state of Idaho. Statements will also be banned as a requirement of "an admissions process" to any public college. 

Such DEI related processes have long been used by progressives infiltrating various institutions as a means to filter incoming candidates for employment and for college admissions.  The goal?  To remove conservative applicants from the fold and pack these institutions with even more woke adherents.

Many people assume that universities are far-left because only far-leftists are interested in teaching jobs or attending college.  This is not the case.  DEI vetting specifically rewards people that share the progressive ideology, while also giving far more opportunities to women and minorities regardless of their qualifications.  

Basing government employment and college applications on merit rather than skin color or sexual orientation might make perfect sense to the majority of Americans, but Governor of California Gavin Newsom is not happy about it.  He (or his hired assistants) took to social media to snipe at Idaho's announcement, apparently trying to assert that the "whiteness" of the political leaders in Idaho was the motivator for the passage of the law.

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