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Assange Wins Temporary Reprieve As Court Seeks US 'Assurances' Over Extradition

• Zero Hedge

Tuesday's much anticipated London High Court ruling has gone mostly in Julian Assange's favor, as he has been granted permission to continue to appeal his extradition to the United States, where he would face espionage and related charges for publishing state secrets. However, this is not yet a 'win' for Assange and his team, but more of another delay.

The court ruled that the WikiLeaks founder will be not be extradited immediately and said the US still has opportunity to provide "satisfactory assurances" related to his grounds of appeal. What has happened Tuesday is tantamount to Assange's ability to challenge the extradition request being slightly extended, and is a temporary reprieve, extending the whole process yet further.

But this is the part that is not looking good for Assange, as explained by WikiLeaks: "The court has given US Gov 3 weeks to give satisfactory assurances: That Mr. Assange is permitted to rely on the First Amendment to the US constitution; not prejudiced at trial by reason of his nationality; and that the death penalty is not imposed."