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KINSELLA: Toronto's overlords pondering implementation of a rain tax

•, Warren Kinsella

A rain tax.

Seriously, they want to tax the rain.

Before we get started on the latest insanity to, um, seep out of Toronto's municipal government, let's give credit where credit is due, shall we?

For sheer gall, for its bottomless brazen brassiness, you can't beat this one: a tax on rain. You almost have to admire the Bolsheviks who presently run Canada's largest city, for their inventiveness and their total indifference to the taxpayer.


And, let's make one thing clear: we are not making this up, Virginia. Toronto-stan's commissars have even issued a call for people to participate in what they call, benignly, a "Stormwater Charge & Water Service Charge Consultation."

Here's a few gems from their call for "consultation." Get your smelling salts ready.

"The City of Toronto is consulting with water users and interested parties on the possible implementation of a stormwater charge," they write, neglecting to mention that "water users" are all sentient beings living within the confines of Gulag Tee Dot.

They want to have "a stormwater charge for all property classes" – meaning, everyone will ultimately pay for the invasive wet stuff. Why? Well, just because.