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The Global Public-Private Partnership is a scam that robs the poor to give to the richest


The Global Public-Private Partnership ("GPPP" or "G3P") is a global network of stakeholder capitalists and partners, including global corporations, philanthropic foundations, think tanks, governments, non-governmental organisations ("NGOs"), academic institutions, global charities, labour unions and selected "thought leaders."

G3P fosters public-private partnership cooperation between an international intergovernmental organisation, such as the United Nations, and private companies. 

G3P controls global finance and the world's economy.  It sets world, national and local policy via global governance and then promotes these policies using corporate media, which are also "partners" within the G3P.

Often these policies are devised by the think tanks before being adopted by governments, which are also G3P partners. Government is the process of transforming G3P global governance into hard policy, legislation and law.

G3P is multistakeholder governance which is a key target of UN Sustainable Development Goal 17.

In the following, Escape Key describes how G3P works in practice using a simplified model and the example of a fictional project for the restoration of mangroves in Suriname.

"It's the biggest scam ever devised and will empty the public coffers and drain the middle class of the West while stealing prime lands in third-world nations," Escape Key wrote.  "Let's run through how it works."