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Brace for Impact

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

In the midst of hell on earth, courtesy of US global meddling and our "nasty little Sparta," solutions and paths to peace exist.

There is only one Captain Sullenberger, but there are many captains everywhere who are capable of rudimentary logic and judgement, and who will act boldly and bravely in times of crisis. Few are politicians. Politicians – Biden, Netanyahu, Macron, Johnson, Sunak, or Zelensky, the list seems endless – are far more famous for murder and attempted murder in service to their vanity, stupidity, and political desperation.  Instead of saving their people, they seek parachutes and others to blame.

A small example is the recent Danish firing of Chief of Defense Flemming Lentfer – because Danish ship defense systems didn't work as advertised against Houthi tactics and materials.  The Danes are not making a lot more Danes, and a bunch of them risked death for little more than political fun and games. There is a captain in Denmark somewhere, trying to put his or her people first.

On the other hand, Ukrainian tinpot Zelensky has been firing folks and shuffling his cabinet for several years, mainly for the crime of not killing Ukrainians fast enough for him and his masters.  His newest top general, Russian-born Oleksandr "The Butcher" Syrski, is evidence of that.  Zelesky's main political rival, the popular Ukrainian patriot Zaluzhnyi, was banished to the watchful eyes in London.  Ukraine today is the story of vanity, stupidity, and desperation.

We have seen no similar firings or removals from the American murdering class under the Biden administration, except for one luggage-stealing cross dresser in the Department of Energy.  We have no observable captains in the US government, no one looking out for the lives and interests of Americans, only weasels, snakes, and the completely demented.  And there is the President himself, a man who vacillates from incoherent rage, speed-doped automaton, and vacant Joe "I didn't sign that!" Biden, ad infinitum.