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Dengue Fever: Why Are Simultaneous Outbreaks Occurring Worldwide?

• The Tenpenny Report

Hegelian Playbook, page 666: How To Manufacture A Dengue Outbreak:

Step 1. Use helicopter flights to dump 2.4 billion genetically modified GMO, Bill Gates-backed mosquitoes throughout the world. What could go wrong?

Step 2. Watch dengue cases go up, but don't acknowledge the connection with GMO mosquitoes. Instead, blame climate change. 

Step 3. Declare a state of public health emergency.

Step 4. Create need/demand to spray more toxins deploy a new Bill Gates-backed vaccine

Currently, the world is experiencing more than one dengue fever outbreak. In fact, there are several outbreaks erupting around the world. Countries include Columbia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, Paraguay, Panama and several more island nations. I can go on. 

The rise has been "explosive." 

A website called recently reported that 18 vacation destinations are listed as "dengue hotspots," while the CDC warned on March 1 that "traveler's dengue fever" is now a health risk.