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China Room Temperature Superconductor Researcher Had Experiments to Refute Critics

•, by Brian Wang

The chinese researchers have been online discussing their room temperature superconducting research and the challenges of the materials.

Here are the issues discussed.

* the current of their material is too small, it is almost impossible to stabilize it.

* what kind of sample this is? It's just a pile of powder, simply pressed into pieces with a mold, and broken into pieces with just a light break. Mr. Guan didn't even dare to touch the silver glue, so he simply pressed a few pieces of indium wire and started testing. Under these experimental conditions, the conductivity is close to that of ordinary graphite, which is shocking in itself.

To make a good conductive film in industry, it has to be repeatedly purified, polished and flattened. Mr Dai now soaks it in water, takes it out and presses it and then measures it. There is not even a tempering and sintering process. They designed this specifically for a one-dimensional system but the my one-dimensional theory is almost ruined.

Nextbigfuture thinks they are saying that the material is not a one-dimensional superconductor as previously believed.

* And they now estimate the resistivity based on the thickness of the entire block. He also tried to point electrodes between the top and bottom of the block, but the effect was not satisfactory. It is very likely that the actual conductive channels are only concentrated near the surface of the sample, which means that the actual resistivity is much smaller than what we currently estimate.