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Pressure on Palace to reveal truth about Kate Middleton's Mother's Day photo:


The Palace is today facing questions after top agencies 'killed' Kate's Mother's Day photo over claims it has been 'manipulated' - with fans pointing to 'errors' that allegedly prove it has been edited.

Concerns were raised over possible digital manipulation of a new family photograph showing Kate, 42, with her three children in the first official picture of the Princess of Wales since undergoing abdominal surgery in January.

From Prince Louis' hands to clothing patterns and lines not matching up, eagle-eyed members of the public pointed out a litany of what they believed to be suspicious issues with the photo.

The most common 'editing errors' found by social media sleuths were Kate's absent wedding ring, Charlotte's blurred skirt and her partially missing sleeve and Kate's misaligned zip. 

The picture, said to be taken by the Prince of Wales, is still up on the official social media channels and the Palace has not yet commented on the concerns raised about the picture.

Meanwhile picture agencies including Reuters, AP, Getty, and AFP withdrew the photo last night, saying it may have been digitally manipulated.

Royal watchers flocked to social media to say that Princess Charlotte's wrist and sleeve of her jumper appeared to have been digitally altered as well as her knee seeming 'blurry'. 

There also appeared to be an issue with the heel of Charlotte's right boot, the corner of her skirt and her hair stopping abruptly on her shoulder.