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Musk Sues OpenAI Conversion from Non-Profit to for Microsoft Profit

•, by Brian Wang

OpenAI licensed GPT-3 and pre-AGI to Microsoft and gave Microsoft access to its critical internal weights of the AI model. OpenAI with GPT-4 has become for profit and has basically partnered with Microsoft.

The Musk lawsuit is to force OpenAI to follow its founding non-profit charter. The lawsuit notes that if non-profits are allowed to convert to for profit, then investors can invest with a tax deduction into a non-profit during a research phase and then get all profits later. The tax deduction on the investment basically doubles the investment dollars of the company in the non-profit phase.

There is first the request to follow what Musk donated to support.

IF this is not followed then there is a suit for damages. Everyone was supposed to get open access to the service, which is now $20 per month. This would mean billions of people not getting $20 per month worth of AI.

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