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WOW! Warner Bros DEI Chief Officer Endorses Pushing Out Non-Woke Employees

•, by Staff

On a Zoom call for an Aspen Institute event, Dr. Asif Sadiq advocated for extreme measures to push out non-woke employees and for employees to use their "privilege" for DEI propaganda.

During the event, host and Design Observer Editor-in-Chief Ellen McGirt expressed her doubts about the effectiveness of DEI initiatives on those who oppose them. Sadiq responded by stating his belief that there will always be some who will never change their views, and the best solution would be for them to leave the company. He declared, "hopefully those people who don't want to come around will start saying that this place isn't the way it used to be, and they'll leave themselves."

Sadiq also emphasized the importance of employees actively showing their commitment to being "anti-racist." He pushed for employees to do more than just their work, calling for them to use their "power, privilege, and positions" to create equity for marginalized groups. In Sadiq's view, this means attending DEI events and actively participating in their initiatives.

The Zoom event also featured other DEI professionals, including Goldman Sachs Chief Diversity Officer Megan Hogan, Harvard Business School Executive Fellow Deepa Purushothaman, and UPenn Professor Lisa Fairfax. Fairfax, who spoke at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Kentaji Brown Jackson, shared her extreme views on DEI without any pushback from her fellow hosts. She denounced any attempts to separate DEI from a focus on race, and called such efforts "hurtful and concerning."

While UPenn President Liz Magill recently stepped down due to her failure to address rampant leftist antisemitism on campus, Fairfax claimed to not understand why people see DEI and fighting against antisemitism as opposed to one another.