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Energy Suppliers Allowed to Re-start Forced Installation of Prepayment "Smart" Meters

•, By B.N. Frank

In the UK, 2023 was a particularly bad year for "smart" meters – especially regarding the forced installation of prepayment "smart" meters (see 1, 2).  Politicians started expressing their concerns about higher charges and more disconnections.  A survey revealed that consumers were experiencing increased anxiety after installation.  Additionally millions of these meters would need to be replaced due to obsolescence.  Nevertheless, two more energy suppliers are permitted to again start forced installations of prepayment "smart" meters.

From MSN:

Ofgem announces two more suppliers can restart involuntary prepayment meter installations
Story by Jessica Sheldon

Ofgem has announced two more energy suppliers are now permitted to restart involuntary installations of prepayment meters (PPMs).

E.ON and Tru Energy have now met the energy regulator's set of conditions to return to forcibly fitting prepayment meters, after a temporary ban for all suppliers.

The conditions include conducting internal audits to find wrongfully installed PPMs before February 2023 and offering compensation and a return to a non-prepayment payment method to any affected customers.

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