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Christian leaders abandon faith in Christ, push "mental health" and trusting medical...

•, by: Ethan Huff

Corporate Christianity, meaning your average 501(c)3 "nonprofit" organization calling itself a church, is riddled with corruption and deception, including with regard to medicine, healing and honoring God with one's body.

Joined at the hip with the government, Christianity as it predominantly exists today is Big Pharma's best kept secret. Modern churches, so-called, are infested with corrupt psychiatrists, doctors and other medical professionals who instead of directing congregants to Jesus Christ, push mainstream "mental health" dogmas and tell people to trust modern medicine, vaccines and all, to treat life's woes.

One of the most predominant Christian organizations herding the sheep into the pharmaceutical and mental health slaughterhouse is Focus on the Family, founded by psychiatrist Dr. James Dobson. Broadcast on more than 5,000 stations in more than 150 languages, Focus on the Family programming reaches an estimated 200 million people globally.

This past week, Focus on the Family published a two-part broadcast on "mental health" that instead of discussing anything from the Bible focused on mental health as the cure for depression. The broadcast featured Dr. Gregory Jantz, a leading authority on mental and behavioral health, who told "success" stories about patients who have found hope and healing for mind, soul and body not by trusting and relying on Jesus Christ and His Word but by taking prescribed pharmaceutical medications.

It turns out that the medications Jantz pushed are not only dangerous but they also do not work as claimed. They also constitute the pharmakeia concept that the Holy Scriptures tells followers of Christ to flee from in order to save their souls from the spiritual and physical destruction they inflict.