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What Dangers Lie Ahead For Tucker Carlson?

•, blueapples on X

With the world transfixed on Tucker Carlson's impending interview of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, the resounding support his journalistic endeavor has fairly garnered has seemed to delude supporters from reality. Though engagement with Putin is a welcome reprieve from the US media's sycophancy shamelessly exhibited in contrived interview after contrived interview with Putin's Ukrainian counterpart in President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, I largely doubt it will be of any consequence as far as shifting policy or even public sentiment goes regarding the war in Ukraine and more broadly on foreign relations with Russia. When it comes to US policy making on Ukraine, each side of the US' bipartisan paradigm has its heels dug in the ground from an ideological standpoint. Anyone watching Carlson's interview will largely be unmoved in my view as his supporters already espouse the presumable positions Putin will take while its detractors will certainly frame those same points to justify their own narrative on the matter.

What may be of real consequence is what impact the aftermath of the interview will have on Carlson's future. After all, the shining beacon of hope Carlson represents is that of a light cutting through the shadows cast over the US subjugating the sacred freedoms of speech and press imbued in its citizens. That political climate is what makes Carlson's interview so worthy of praise from so many. However, it also underscores the real possibility that it may be weaponized to advance that tyrannical agenda out of desperation to preserve the narrative Carlson has so radically defied.

That premise was entertained by an attorney on X named Ian Corzine. In a video posted to his profile on the platform, Corzine contemplates the premise that the Biden administration could frame Carlson's decision to interview Putin as a crime under the Espionage Act Of 1917. Corzine doesn't advocate for this in his video, he simply discusses how the act could be used which seems to be a worthy consideration in an ever increasing age of lawfare. Strangely, this idea was vehemently rejected by independent journalism icon and friend of ZeroHedge, Glenn Greenwald.

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