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The 'Antisemitism' Moral Panic Has Officially Jumped the Shark

•, By Caitlin Johnstone

Yes, you read that correctly.

"If this does happen, it will be an indelible stain on humanity. It would be an unprecedented antisemitic hate crime that would add fuel to the antisemitic incitement that is already raging in the world," said Netanyahu this past Tuesday.

So, to be absolutely clear, Israel's top government official has announced that charges against himself and other Israeli leaders for obvious war crimes like intentionally bombing and starving civilians would be both "antisemitic" and a "hate crime".

So, to make things even clearer, when a supporter of the state of Israel claims to be sincerely super duper worried about "antisemitism", this is the kind of thing they are talking about. This is what the label "antisemitism" has come to mean. It means literally any opposition to, criticism of, or consequences for a nuclear-armed genocidal apartheid ethnostate which is backed by the most powerful empire that has ever existed.

Keeping that in mind, let's turn now to the bill that just passed in the US House of Representatives which can be used to suppress entirely legitimate political speech critical of Israel as "antisemitic".

Antiwar's Dave DeCamp reports:

"The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bill that conflates criticism of the modern state of Israel with antisemitism and will mandate that definition be used by the Department of Education when enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws.

"The bill could be used to crack down on pro-Palestine protesters at college campuses across the country, who have been falsely labeled 'antisemitic' despite Jewish students participating in the protests.