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Peter Thiel was trapped inside a student debating hall by pro-Palestine protesters accusing...

•, Mikhaila Friel

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel was trapped inside a student debating hall on Wednesday by pro-Palestine protesters who accused him of genocide.

Thiel, 56, is a cofounder of data-mining company Palantir, which supplies the Israel Defense Forces with technology for "war-related missions."

Thiel was giving a speech at the Cambridge Union Society in the UK (which is independent of the University of Cambridge) when pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted his monologue. They were later photographed being escorted out of the event.

Videos circulating on X show protesters gathered outside the building. One video, posted by Mail on Sunday journalist Sabrina Miller, shows a large group of protesters waving Palestinian flags and chanting.

"Peter Thiel trapped inside Cambridge Union. Protesters not letting him leave," Miller wrote.

Thiel's vehicles were also blocked from leaving the Cambridge Union for more than an hour by hundreds of protesters, according to Varsity, Cambridge University's independent student newspaper.

The Times reported that Thiel taunted the group of activists by smiling and waving at them while taking pictures. The report said he had to arrive several hours early to avoid confrontations.

"Since October 7th, 14,000 children in Palestine have been murdered, and Palantir is complicit in that. Your actions are complicit in the genocide of thousands of people," one protester from the Youth Demand campaign group could be heard saying in a video posted to X.

"Your technology is ensuring that hospitals are being bombed," they added.

"It's embarrassing and appalling that anyone could even want to attend a talk by a man profiting millions off the backs of dead people," one protester said in a press release issued by Youth Demand.