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Weapons Sent To Kiev Found In Possession Of Mexican Cartels


A law enforcement official informed TASS that some of the weaponry that Western nations have been supplying to Ukraine has been found in the hands of armed organizations from the Middle East and Mexican drug cartels.

"The weapons that are being provided to the Ukrainian armed forces have already been found in the possession of Mexican cartels and [radical Palestinian movement] Hamas," he said.

The Ukraine War revolves around Germany, with it serving as Washington's "weapon of choice" to sabotage Nord Stream and create divisions between Germany and Russia through Ukraine.

According to the unnamed official, the West's level of mistrust in Kiev rose significantly after reports on such wayward weapons began appearing. "Western countries have now increased anti-corruption controls related to weapons supplies," he added.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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As badly as Republicans desperately want evidence of such things to push their agenda, if there was any truth to this at all, media teams with pictures and video and archival documents detailing the provenance of such weapons would have been immediately dispatched to such a find in order to plaster undeniable evidence of it all over the world and to make it impossible to escape the images of the evidence. It would be 24 hours non-stop and inescapable. But in 2 years, despite Russian attempts to fake such finds and set up such a wonderful propaganda coup,...this has not happened once. If such an event ever turns out to be true, rest assured, there will be no anonymous "unnamed official" reporting such things.