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Support Rescinding Arizona's Con-Con Applications - Enact SCR 1039

• John Birch Society

Members of the Arizona State Legislature are attempting to pass legislation to rescind every live application to Congress calling for a convention to propose amendments, under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, otherwise known as a federal constitutional convention (Con-Con).

Senate Concurrent Resolution 1039 (SCR 1039) is sponsored by eight senators and one representative — three Republicans and six Democrats.

SCR 1039 would rescind Arizona's applications for a constitutional convention. The resolution declares:

Whereas, legal experts disagree about both the longevity of these petitions and as to whether a convention called for a particular purpose may consider amendments beyond the scope of that purpose; and

Whereas, there appears to be some risk that past petitions could become part of the basis for calling a convention that addresses issues never contemplated by the legislators voting for those petitions….