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Inside Edison Motors: Louis Rossmann Explores the New Era of User-Friendly Electric Trucks

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Louis Rossmann interviews Chace Barber, going for a deep dive into the inspiring world of Edison Motors!

We uncover the journey of a pioneering company that's not just producing electric trucks but also championing the right to repair and tech freedom.

Louis and Chace discus Edisons unique approach to creating electric trucks and electric retrofit kits for existing vehicles. Discover how they're turning the tide against the trend of unrepairable and disposable tech, providing a beacon of hope in an industry often critiqued for its restrictive practices.

From the story of their humble beginnings to tackling the challenges of modern vehicle manufacturing, we explore Edison Motors' mission to make trucks not only more eco-friendly but also user-serviceable and long-lasting.

Join us as we delve into their philosophy of using off-the-shelf parts, open-source software, and practical design to ensure that anyone can repair and maintain their vehicles. We also tackle the broader implications of their work in the context of the right-to-repair movement and sustainable technology.

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