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12 Strategies to Build the Ultimate Prepper Food Stockpile

•, by Daisy Luther

Where do you want to go?  Are your goals compatible?  Are things working as they stand right now, or do some changes need to be made? Creating the ultimate prepper food stockpile is no different.

People create prepper food stockpiles for many different reasons, and because of this, there is no "one-size-fits-all" formula for doing so. You must figure out what your goals are and develop a road map towards achieving them.

Having a food supply just makes sense.  Every time there is a disaster, the masses become hysterical, and chaos ensues because there is no food available because of our "just-in-time" food delivery system. (Remember March of 2020?) Your stockpile can also mean the difference between continued freedom or forced compliance to get food.

There are three basic types of food supplies.  Let's look at these food storage ideologies. Then take the most applicable strategies and combine them to create your own version of the ultimate pantry.

The Bunker Pantry

This is the most "hardcore" of the prepper food stockpile types.  A Bunker Pantry is the type of food supply that could keep you going for the next ten years without a single trip to the store.  Sure, it might be a little bit boring and lacking in variety, but it is a supply that will see you through any disaster and allow you to remain in your shelter.  This type of pantry focuses on huge quantities of long-term foods, repackaged carefully to resist spoilage due to pests or the elements.