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Top 6 Ways Big Pharma LOBOTOMIZED MILLIONS of Americans in 2023

•, By S.D. Wells

The United States Government, many would agree, has been taken over by hostile terrorists, who want to change the Beloved Republic into a Communist Banana Republic, where the leaders have complete control over all money, food, weapons, land, and of course, every citizen's brain.
To accomplish this horrific feat, the Biden Regime (a.k.a. O'Biden) has partnered with Big Pharma and the Western Medicine Industrial Complex, and decided to lobotomize the majority of Americans, in a bold move to exterminate a few hundred million citizens. As this is being accomplished, the southern US border is wide open, bringing in all the replacements, who will surely vote NOT to be deported, and for more "free gifts" that keep them hypnotized and controlled by AI.

Here are the top 6 ways the Pharma-Biden-Tyranny took complete control of millions of Americans in 2023
#1. Coronavirus Jabs: Using mRNA "technology" to cross the blood-brain barrier with spike proteins that cause damage to the hippocampus -- the temporal lobe that has a major role in learning and memory.

#2. Mainstream Media: Utilizing fake news to promote American support for Ukraine (Biden Regime's corruption hub) and Gaza (just another money-embezzling proxy war for the Military Industrial Complex) -- part of the global mind manipulation psyop happening right now.

#3. Snake Venom Peptides: These are toxins and venoms from poisonous and venomous invertebrates utilized in many pharmaceuticals and vaccines to attack a human's vital organs, cause miscarriages, hallucinations, severe inflammation, labored breathing, rapid heart rate, weak pulse and low blood pressure (driving deaths to an all-time high for people with pre-existing conditions, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease).

#4. Covid-19 Masks: Yes, tens of millions of lobotomized Americans are STILL wearing their bacteria-breeding, cognitive-deteriorating, filthy dirty Fauci masks all day at work, in every store and while driving alone or walking down the sidewalk outside.