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Ray Epps' 'Sentence' Is "A Thunderous F**k You" To Half Of America

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Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

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"The same people accusing Trump voters of subverting democracy are the ones who cheated in every election since the 1960s, lied to get us into half a dozen stupid wars, created Covid in a lab, and then covered that up. You are free to tell them to STFU"

- Peachy Keenan

You know why the judge let provocateur Ray Epps off the hook for his antics before and during the so-called J-6 "insurrection," don't you? Well, yes, it was partly because he was acting at the direction of blob officials, most likely the FBI, but possibly the CIA, Defense Intelligence, or some black-box fed outfit no one ever of (but somehow gets half a billion in funding every year). Ol' Ray, pleaded to one year's probation (no jail time), 100 hours of community service (checking books out at his local library?), and a $500 fine. Say, what. . . ? A speeding ticket on the Rockville Pike would probably cost you more.

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I just turned 66, and as long as I can remember our "law enforcement", and legal system, have been nothing but a huge fuk you, to anyone that doesn't have tens of thousands of dollars of discretionary income to purchase justice with. Check out if you want an exellent plan to change all of that.