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Shocking new evidence points to Israel using uranium and neutron bombs in Gaza

• by Cassie B

The evidence is simple yet powerful: enriched uranium is being found in environmental samples in the Middle East, and especially in Gaza, where its presence is rising – and it is not something that occurs naturally.

This is according to the research of Christopher Busby, a top nuclear physicist in Europe and longtime researcher of the biochemical damage caused by the long-range dispersal of depleted uranium weapons. Busby, who was a member of the UK Ministry of Defense's Depleted Uranium Oversight Board, publishes his findings through the consultancy Green Audit.

His newest research paper, "Evidence for the use by Israel of a neutron uranium warhead in Palestine and Lebanon", makes for very compelling reading. It explains how different measurements using a variety of techniques have found enriched uranium in samples taken from air, soil, bomb craters and other sources in Gaza.

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