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The biggest US pharmacies are happily handing over Americans' private health data to law...


It's becoming a troubling pattern, from questionable vaccines to unclear and often contradictory information about so-called pandemics. Our medical industry, from top to bottom, seems to have failed in its duty to serve the people. Now, we're facing a complete erosion of trust. It's come to light that the nation's largest pharmacies have been willingly sharing Americans' private health data with law enforcement, all without needing a warrant.

Unreal. We're becoming more and more like North Korea every day.

JUST IN – The nation's largest pharmacy chains – CVS Health, Kroger and Rite Aid – have handed over Americans' prescription records to police and government investigators without a warrant, a congressional investigation found, Washington Post reports

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) December 12, 2023

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