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MaidSafe Update (David Irvine)

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Thank you, every single one of you, who have stuck by our vision. It's been a ride and, at times, a tough one, but we are here now! Back to the vision of 2014, back to the simple code and complex reasons that code works, but most of all for the first time we have a fully functioning network. We can see the small bugs, they are clear now, and they are fixed in hours or days.

The maidsafe team with @JimCollinson doing a massive job in the background preparing us for launch with Andrew covering all the legal and financial implications really deserve a :clap:

The devs with @joshuef leading the way have been just outstanding. Huge lack of pressure but buckets of progress. It shows what we can do when we are allowed to move (homage to the Sundance kid :smiley: ).

Next year is going to be wild, we will release and quickly, at long last. However, I feel the tech world is about to go through huge change, like it or not, believe it or not, it will happen with very high probability. My job is to make sure we are ready for that or at least try my hardest to :wink: .

Regardless of tech world changes or real world changes, the values of the SAFE network are stronger than ever. The ability to share knowledge privately and securely will be much larger than today. The goal of individual freedom is going to be tested very hard and SAFE will have to provide safe, secure solutions for our own individual thoughts and relationships to remain free of controlling influences, it used to be tracking and advertising, it's going to be a much bigger, more important task now.

Decentralised, free, secure access to our own information is about to take on a whole new meaning and it's going to be a huge privilege to be part of ensuring the vision of freedom for everyone on the planet. All of us in house and mostly in the community are going to be hard pushed next year, as I feel that the goals of the SAFE network will become much more obvious to many more people much faster than any of us realise.

I cannot wait for 2024 and what we can all achieve.

Thanks again everyone and thanks to the amazing MaidSafe team, they have been quietly confident for a while, and it shows now, just why.