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We will not Sell-Out by Phasing Out: African Negotiations Urged to Fight for Africa

• African Energy Chamber

Despite the fact that over 600 million people are still without access to electricity and over 900 million people lack access to clean cooking solution in Africa, the continent's COP 28 negotiators are caving into pressure from the west, stating that Africa is open to a phase-out approach regarding fossil fuels. The African Energy Chamber (AEC), as the voice of the African energy sector, clarifies that this is not true. African producers – both established and emerging – are not willing to forfeit these previous resources for a global agenda, and the negotiators should not sell out on the hopes and aspirations of Africa.

The African Group of Negotiators, established at COP 1 in Berlin, was created as an alliance of African member states to represent the interests of the region in international climate change negotiations. As a technical body that engages in discussions during COP, the group has an obligation to reflect the needs and objectives of the continent.