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President Milei sworn in - "Long live f*cking freedom" - "VIVA LA LIBERTAD CARAJO!

• Buenos Aires Herald

 Mainstream media doesn't like to confuse their consumers with anything other than simplistic jjingoism, you are unlikely to see much of Argentine President Milei's iconic chant and phrase VIVA LA LIBERTAD CARAJO repeated on the nightly news, even though it makes for dramatic visuals. Translated (depending on who you ask) as either "long live f*cking freedom" or "long live freedom dammit", Milei has been screaming it as his personal battle cry for years. Just like Trump made "Make America Great Again" his brand and overall message, too has Milei with VIVA LA LIBERTAD CARAJO. If you were watching the inauguration live, you saw him chant it several times. He even signed the official inauguration book as President with VIVA LA LIBERTAD CARAJO. Yet no one in the U.S. media seems to want to let you see or hear any of that. Hmmmm. Could it be too catchy? Too inspiring? Too likely to incite hatred of socialists? Perhaps it reminds one of the emotional pull Make America Great Again has on some folks? Perhaps all of that really scares those who run the media?