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So What Do 'Libertarians' and the 'Right-Wing' Think of Milei Now?

•, By Gary D. Barnett

I warned just after the recent Argentina election, that Javier Milei was not as advertised, and in fact, that he was no different than other politicians. Many condemned my criticism of their new political 'hero,' as latching on to any chance for 'change' by ignorant and duped voters, is always the imbecilic response by those voluntarily seeking a master to rule them. As I write this just two weeks later, and before he has even taken office, much has already changed, exposing corruption, and political reality that is eternally present. But given the circumstances surrounding all the hype of this self-described new 'libertarian' and 'anarcho-capitalist,' it seems prudent to expose all the contradiction that surrounds Milei, his Cabinet appointments, his immediate back-tracking, and his connections and supporting cast worldwide, even before he is inaugurated. I think this very important because of so much interest and support coming from the U.S., especially the 'libertarian' crowd, and much of the alternative media, whose feigned passion for the people, while at the same time promoting the advancement of freedom through the ballot box, creates a false dichotomy of epoch proportion.

I am not writing this specifically as a hit piece against Javier Milei, but against all ruling class types who claim to be the saviors of the people, by seeking and accepting State power to wield over them. I am only pointing out the gross double-speak, contradiction, and hypocrisy that is so common with all in the political class, government, and any who desire to rule over others, as they can never be trusted. So to be fooled into their trap of propaganda, only requires giving trust without scrutiny, and expecting (hoping for) a desired outcome before it is proven, based only on extreme rhetoric, false promises, political pledges, and bombastic and pompous displays of theatre. All these things are useless, and an assault on the intellect of any able to think for themselves, but given that the ability to think critically is now a very minority position, one can see why those choosing to rule have such an easy time fooling the crowd. Milei's campaign was little more than a circus-like psychological takeover of the empty minds of those looking for a savior in a crowd of fraudulent criminals.

Melei's most adamant position taken, was his promise to "blow up" the central bank system. Since he was elected in November, things have already changed. This can be looked at in several ways, but his Cabinet appointees are a good place to start.