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As the dollar dies, so will the US military, Israel, Argentina and anyone else foolish...

•, Mike Adams

Last week, Maria Zeee interviewed me on the Alex Jones Show (see below), and I mentioned something that everyone seems to be missing in the current maelstrom of geopolitics: That as the dollar dies, so does any other nation depending on US currency creation. Given Israel's heavy dependence on U.S. foreign air and the dollar funding of the U.S. Navy, when the dollar dies, Israel will face an existential threat of its own.

It is the careless creation of trillions of dollars in US currency that powers the Pentagon, after all. It also funds government propaganda ops like what we all suffered through during the COVID years when the CDC and FDA ran a coordinated psychological operation against us all, trying to convince the weak-minded that "emergency use" vaccines are safe and effective at preventing infections and halting transmission. We now know, of course, it was all an engineered lie.

But it was a lie made possible through currency creation. Without easy money, a nation can no longer sustain its campaign of lies. And as the dollar collapses, so will the Empire of Lies, which might as well be the new name for the U.S. State Dept and accompanying Military Industrial Complex that gains power and profit from engineered mass human suffering and death.

An empire of lies needs a mountain of money printing to stay in power

This empire of lies requires a mountain of money printing to keep it afloat -- and to keep the wars active enough to justify ever-more-extreme violations of the principles that were once embraced by the "liberal world order" but have since been abandoned. Principles like democracy, freedom, human rights and self-determination. All four of those concepts now lie buried beneath the rubble of hospitals, universities and residential apartment buildings in Gaza, having been bombed into oblivion by a war-minded nation (Israel) propped up by a financial terrorism regime (the USA).