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Australian government throws giant pile of money at renewables -- so big, the cost is a secret

•, By Jo Nova

Dear Sir, we're here to fix the car you didn't know was broken, give us your wallet? We'll just help ourselves to your cash and won't tell you what this costs, OK? (It must cost a fortune, because if it were cheap we'd tell you).

The Labor government promised impossible Net Zero things, and 18 months later everyone knows it is impossible. Renewable investment has ground to a halt, people are not buying EV's,  farmers don't want the transmission lines, coastal towns don't want the wind towers, project costs are doubling and tripling, and Florence the borer is still stuck in a very short hole that is meant to be a long one.

Instead of backing away slowly, the Labor Party have gone full Santa-wish-fairy.
Just like that — the plan for 6 gigawatts of unreliable generators will become 7, wait, I mean, 32 gigawatts. Wow.

The Australian grid uses about 30 gigawatts of generation, and already has 65 gigawatts of equipment to generate that. It took three generations to build and pay off, but we're adding 32 GW this decade….

Chris Bowen gambles with taxpayers' cash to hit renewables target
Geoff Chambers, The Australian

Taxpayers will underwrite a five-fold increase in new government-backed renewables capacity across Australia, as Chris Bowen gambles on a dramatic market intervention to secure grid reliability and achieve Labor's ambitious target of 82 per cent renewables by 2030.

If the market won't build crazy loss-making unreliable generation machines, the government will.

They force us to pay, but they can't even tell us what it costs:

The program will be expanded from its initial mandate to underwrite 6 gigawatts of renewable energy projects to 32GW, with the cost to taxpayers being kept secret under commercial-in-confidence provisions.

And before you object to whale-killing, wedgetail-eagle-whacking and mowing down of forests, we'll just clear out red tape for massive industrial projects:

Mr Bowen will also strike deals with states and territories to fast-track major renewables projects.

Is this the part where the Greens realize what a monster they have created?