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This Bank is Going Cashless Now – Digital Transactions Only


Down Under used to have a quaint, exotic nuance. A sort of shadows of penumbras but with a fantasy feel. The underside of the world. Uusal wildlife. Creeping tyranny toward a political underworld as this once Western-style democracy is quickly reverting to its roots as a penal colony.

According to Armstrong Economics,

Australia has turned so far to the LEFT they have become the NUMBER ONE censoring free speech in the world, all to keep their agenda moving forward. As an Australian resident, you are taxed on your worldwide income. This means you must declare all income you receive from foreign sources in your income tax return.  The government wants two years in prison for anyone who paid for anything with more than $10,000 in cash. Australians have been blocked by Amazon from buying anything from their US site because the government has effectively imposed a tariff of 10% on anything an Australian may purchase under $1,000 from the internet overseas. The government directed Banks to hand over any information on the unexplained wealth of a convicted person in Australia. The socialists are insane down under. They want to impose that when you die, nothing goes to your children – it all should belong to the government.

And now a major Australian Bank is going digital. No cash, no checks (cheques).

Macquarie Bank has announced it will Abolish Cash and it warns customers to prepare for the new CASHLESS WORD to ensure the government knows everything about you and what you are buying or selling. Macquarie has just over $250 billion in assets. They have informed clients that. AU

Macquarie Bank will shift to digital-only payments from May 20, part of the group's plan to phase out cash and cheque services for all of its products.

From next week, customers will not be able to access over-the-counter services at Macquarie offices, deposit or collect cheques or order new chequebooks.