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WEF Agenda 21/2030: We'll Own You And We'll Be Happy

• by Jeff Berwick

So, what would a real supervillain who controls the weather and the bug-soup lines look like? 

No way would he have a German accent and dress up in a costume like in Hollyweird? 

Or be super smart with a crazy laugh and a podgy dad-bod? 

Or, have a Polish/Russian/Zionist alter ego and an army of kiddy-killing toy soldiers?

Next, what would a real-life diabolical supervillain plot look like? 

Would it perhaps involve the use of advanced technology, manipulation of political and economic systems, and the exploitation of societal fears and vulnerabilities? 

For example, a supervillain could develop a powerful system that controls the whole financial and communications networks and use this power to control governments and economies, land and water, food supplies, energy production, and health care. He could also spread misinformation and propaganda to incite fear and division among the population. And then, he could sell the solution to the problems he'd created and be hailed as Superman. 

Let's see what that looks like in practice.