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Israel is Committing an Epic War Crime with US Backing and US Arms

•, by Dave LIndorff

When in the 1980s US military "trainers" helped massacre and slaughter peasant guerrillas and their urban supporters fighting a brutal dictatorship in El Salvador, and the Pentagon was running a proxy war against the revolutionary government in Nicaragua, masses of Americans, even in the absence of a draft and of US deaths, rose to the occasion to massively oppose US intervention in those countries' internal conflicts. Even as late as 2003 as the US was preparing to invade Iraq on the pretext of false claims that Saddam Hussein had "weapons of mass destruction," record numbers of Americans poured into the streets to oppose that war.

Now America is basically bankrolling and arming Israel as it prepares to commit a massive war crime, collectively punishing and killing ordinary Palestinians trapped in the open-air prison of Gaza.