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The Restaurant With No Prices

• by Randy Tatano

There's a little restaurant in Brewton, Alabama, with no prices on the menu. Because you can pay whatever you can afford. And if you can't spare a dime, no problem.

Food for the Needy

For the past five years, Drexell & Honeybee's has been a shining beacon for those in need who could use a hot meal. The unique restaurant in this small town near the Alabama–Florida border has taken Southern hospitality to another level, offering traditional lunches three days a week. The customers number more than 100 on an average day. Some pay more than what the meal would normally cost, subsidizing those who can't afford to leave anything in the donation box except a note of thanks.

It's the brainchild of Lisa McMillan, a woman who got her inspiration to be a culinary guardian angel in a grocery store checkout line. While waiting behind an older woman who was digging loose change out of her purse, Ms. McMillan discovered that the lady could use a financial helping hand. She started cooking and delivering breakfast to her.