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Britain's Parliament has demanded that Rumble deplatform Russell Brand

• American Thinker

Two hundred and fifty years ago, Great Britain bequeathed to us our notions of due process and free speech.  That country, however, no longer exists.  Instead, we have a country that is demanding that Russell Brand, who has been accused of alleged sexual wrongdoing that occurred decades ago (charges he denies), must be deplatformed from Rumble, a site built upon free speech.  Fortunately, Rumble is standing strong.

Russell Brand has admitted that he was a sex and drug addict.  Then he cleaned up his act.  I don't doubt that he did regrettable things during his years of debauchery, although whether he did anything illegal or even outside the bell curve of a sex-saturated society has never been examined in a law court of law.

During those same years of debauchery, Brand was an out-and-proud leftist, as well as an edgy (very edgy) comedian.  Now, though, during his years of clean living, Brand has become something of a libertarian, talking to people like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro because he stood against COVID and vaccine madness.