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No End to the Neocon Lies About a Victorious Ukraine

• By Kurt Nimmo

So, I guess we're expected to now believe the war in Ukraine is over, mostly because the USG and its corporate lie factory media insist Ukrainians are cowards not interested in throwing away their lives for actor-comedian-cum-president Zelenskyy and an oligarch-controlled Nazi-Mafia state, the most corrupt country in Europe.

But wait. TIME has spun a new hopeful fantasy on Ukraine. "The situation in Ukraine still favors Kyiv despite the limited progress made in the counteroffensive so far," according to the neocon Frederick Kagan, Karolina Hird, a "Russian analyst" at the neocon-infested Institute for the Study of War (or, more accurately, for the promotion of endless war), and Kateryna Stepanenko, also an ISW "analyst" pushing for war with Russia, never mind Russia's preponderance of thermonuclear weapons and advanced military hardware.

Kagan, of course, is lying, either that or he is dumb as a fence pole. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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I know a woman whose son has been a college and university teacher in Russia for several years, now. He's a US guy. Every year during summer vacation, he would go to Ukraine and teach for a month. Now he is in Ukraine teaching 'long-term', until the war thing is over. Of course, anybody in a country losing as badly as Ukraine is, could easily get killed.