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Should You Get a Satellite Phone for Prepping and Survival?

• by Fabian Ommar

The multidisciplinary nature of these projects means collaborating with competent professionals and experts from various fields and all parts of the world. That's one aspect I love about my work, and I learn a lot, too.

The team in charge of communication installations in both contracts is one such player. They're a small boutique operation specializing in commercial (i.e., civil) comm systems for tactical applications and challenging environments. We've worked together before during the pandemic when demand surged.

This time, besides the usual, I participated in a workshop to catch up with the most recent tech available for use in future projects, including a rundown on the latest generation of seamless cross-band radios (SAT/LOS/BLOS networks + INE and FMV capability). It's state-of-the-art stuff that goes beyond the typical comms fare, worth an article on itself.

They also let me test a satellite phone and a satellite messenger for a couple of months.

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