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Numerous ineligible victims were among the thousands of patients Quebec has euthanized:


The commission that monitors the practice of state-administered euthanasia in Quebec sent out a memo earlier this month reminding doctors that they are only to help exterminate human beings who satisfy the Canadian province's criteria for so-called "medical assistance in dying."

This reminder was apparently necessary because some doctors have reportedly flouted the rules, euthanizing individuals who couldn't consent along with patients who were ineligible for various other reasons.

Last year, there were nearly 5,000 cases of doctor-assisted suicides in Quebec, which has been touted as the world's "euthanasia capital."

Canadian state media indicated that by year's end, an estimated 7% of all deaths in Quebec will have been the result of doctor-assisted suicides.

That's 4.5 times more than Switzerland, 3 times more than Belgium, and over twice the Canadian national average, according to Dr. Michel Bureau, head of Quebec's Commission on End of Life Care, which monitors the practice in the province and reports back to the legislature.

"We're now no longer dealing with an exceptional treatment, but a treatment that is very frequent," Bureau told state media.

Bureau's commission has learned that a disturbing number of ineligible patients have recently had their lives snuffed out by government physicians.

Between spring 2021 and spring 2022, at least 15 out of 3,663 state-facilitated suicides were reportedly not in accordance with the law.

In at least six of those cases, patients had not satisfied the criteria for lethal injection. In another three cases, those exterminated had reportedly been unable to consent.