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Your EV shall be the backup battery for the grid to make wind and solar profits possible

• Joanne Nova

Instead of solar and wind investors paying for the storage they need to produce useful reliable electricity, the plan, apparently, is to force the people to buy electric cars then use their batteries to save the grid instead. When someone plugs their car in to charge, the grid or their house might draw electricity out instead. It's called two-way-charging, bi-directional charging, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) or Vehicle-to-Home.

There are moves to make this happen in California, Australia and Europe. There have already been 170 trials around the world costing millions of dollars to try to figure out how to do this. Clearly it's a big agenda.

Repeated charges and discharges must shorten the life of the battery, and possibly inconvenience car owners too if they get caught without the fuel in the tank. What if there is family emergency at 11pm? (Well, you can catch a cab.) As well as this, every EV added to the grid is like adding "3 to 20 new houses". Energy losses with batteries are around 20% and worse as the battery ages.