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STUDY: Most Americans have been "vaccinated" for covid whether they wanted it or not due t

• by Ethan Huff

According to the experts at CU, aerosol transmission of antibodies represents "an entirely unrecognized mechanism by which passive immune protection may be communicated." In other words, the fully jabbed are spilling the vial contents not only inside their own bodies by getting pricked but also to others who come near them simply through proximity.

"Whether antibody transfer mediates host protection will be a function of exposure, but it seems reasonable to suggest, all things being equal, that any amount of antibody transfer would prove useful to the recipient host," the research team stated.

(Related: Research published earlier this year in the Infectious Diseases Research journal shows that the "fully vaccinated" are walking bioweapons factories that are shedding mRNA and other poisons onto their friends and neighbors.)