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Journalist Max Blumenthal Takes RFK Jr to School About Israel

•, Cindy Sheehan

Bobs is not going to interview with Max.

Max is brilliant and destroys RFK Jr's confusing lies about the Israel/Palestine issue.

I hope that if you think this issue doesn't matter, or, is not important, then Max will give you some food for thought.

Again, if there is anyone out there who doesn't think that the Israel/Palestine issue is so important, there is one person in the world who DOES, and that's RFK, Jr. He won't stop doubling down on his Likudnik agit-crap!

RFK Jr is so massively WRONG about Israel, it makes me question his other claims and beliefs—if I didn't have other sources to confirm what I have come to know is true, I would doubt RFK on vaccines, lockdowns, and health freedom.

Kennedy has less than zero chance to get the Democrat nomination, so why does he keep insisting on making these unforced errors?