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Cedar Point theme park is set to unveil the world's tallest and FASTEST triple-launch...


An Ohio theme park is bringing back a revamped version of what was once the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster  - after the original was closed when a failure injured a waiting guest.

Set to open at Cleveland's Cedar Point next year, The Top Thrill 2 will rocket revelers 420 feet into the air, park presiders said in a statement, before falling backwards and then forward once again at speeds of 120mph.

Themed to Top Fuel drag racing, the ride - which has three segments and is classed as a 'triple-launch' coaster - will also feature a launch track designed like a dragstrip, where straightaway speeds are poised to surprise the most seasoned of enthusiasts.

Apart from its speed, the ride is set to break records for its stature, park officials said, touting how it will be the second tallest 'strata roller coaster' - one over 400 feet - behind only Six Flags' Kingda Ka, which opened in 2005 and tops out at 456 feet.

The Ka also beats the Thrill in terms of speed by a mere 8mph - though the new ride is still set to be the fastest among all triple launch coasters, and the third-fastest overall, park boss Carrie Boldman announced.

'Top Thrill 2 will be the boldest and most advanced roller coaster Cedar Point has ever introduced,' the vice president and general manager of the Cleveland park said of the anticipated attraction, which has a soft opening for sometime in 2024.

'It's another one-of-a-kind that could only be built at Cedar Point,' said Boldman of the ride, whose also 420-foot predecessor consistently ranked as one of the world's top steel coasters in prominent amusement park publications.