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CBDCs: "Financial inclusion" means the inclusion of all transactions not people


They are trying to convince us that the world needs CBDCs so that those who are "unbanked" can participate in the digital economy without requiring a bank account.

This is, of course, absurd, David McGrogan writes.  "People who are financially excluded are in that position either because they want to be or – more likely – because they have no choice. A CBDC is a remedy for neither of those things. Indeed, if anything, it is a recipe for deepening financial exclusion."

Baby, It's Cold Outside (the central bank's core ledger)

By David McGrogan

"Central banks are understandably concerned that people who prefer to use physical cash may be left out in the cold." – The Digital Pound Foundation

Central bankers are not well known for their insights into human psychology. When one reads the kind of material they put out, one rather gets the impression that they have been written by a race of aliens (are central bankers from Mars, or Venus?) trying to figure out exactly what it is that makes humans tick.

One sees this most clearly in the arguments which they tend to make when advocating for their shiny new toy, the Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC (which I have written extensively about, in the UK context, HEREHEREHERE and elsewhere). These people are by no means fools, and they can discern that selling a CBDC to Earthlings – though they tend to put this in the mealy-mouthed language of "gaining public trust" – is going to be hard. Ordinary people, bluntly, don't want it, and CBDC enthusiasts are painfully aware of this.

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