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Vital gear for safe drinking water while camping

•, By Mike Wendland

In our RVLifestyle Community Solo Travelers Space, Tina wrote that she is going on her first solo trip in her Aliner pop-up camper soon, a cross country trip to the Grand Canyon. Tina used to RV with her husband and kids years ago, but she is now divorced, kids are grown, she recently retired from her full time job and just has the travel bug. But as she made her plans her mom started telling her this sounded like a dangerous thing to do, and the result is she is starting to feel a little nervous. So she asked the solo community for some encouragement and safety tips.

Lois encouraged her to use good campgrounds that have high ratings from other people so she knows she is staying in a safe place.

Bob said to not make herself a target by wearing expensive clothes or jewelry and maybe take a class on how to use Mace for a sense of safety.

And many many women urged Tina to listen to her intuition, and not be afraid to leave any time day or night. And so many urged her to go for it, with Donna adding it will get easier each time.

Also in our community, we had a new conversation in the Mods & DIY Tweaks space where everyone shared their favorite modification to their rig.

Steve said he changed the blinds with strings that were in RV to black out blinds. Sounds like a great idea.

Tanya's addition was a Bluetooth leveler, which also sounds like a great suggestion while Don got a portable fire pit with a propane table top heater that sounds wonderful.

SO many great ideas in this thread!

Meanwhile, in our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group, Martha asked: How do people keep their house safe when they are gone for a long RV trip? Now Martha and her husband do not have family around, but said they do live in a pretty safe area, where there's not a lot of crime. But she wanted to know what others do.

Judith suggested setting timers to turn off and on the lights and maybe a radio. And she could get cameras that would alert them if something is around their home.

Brian said if you have good neighbors, you could ask them to park a car in your driveway, get your mail, and keep an eye on the place.