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The US Government Hid This About The Vietnam War (Warning* Mature Audiences Only)

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From 1965 to 1973, the United States waged a grueling war against the Communist forces of North Vietnam. The conflict was a brutal guerrilla war where young American soldiers were sent far from home to fight an enemy that fought unlike anything the US military had seen before. 

The Vietnam War remains controversial to this day. Some argue it was a justified defense of South Vietnam against Northern Communist aggression, while others argue it was an unjustified war of US imperialism driven by Cold War anti-communist hysteria. What all can agree upon is that the war resulted in the deaths of millions of people, a large portion of them civilians killed by the United States.

By 1968, the Vietnam War was going badly for the Americans. The Tet Offensive launched by the North in January 1968 had strained America's military might and shattered US morale at home and abroad. Desperate to reclaim the initiative, the US launched a series of counter-offensives to push back the Communist enemy.

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