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"Life In The UK Is Becoming Completely Unlivable" - Brexiteer Farage Is Being Systemically

•, by Tyler Durden

Despite winning the "news presenter of the year" award, Nigel Farage has mixed feelings this week.

In the following clip, he reveals his concern about a recent development that may significantly impact his future career and even his ability to live in the UK.

The Brexit-provocateur shares his experience of having his bank accounts abruptly closed by a major banking group, without a valid reason provided.

Worse still, he discloses his attempts to open new accounts with several other banks, all of which have been unsuccessful so far.

Farage speculates on three possible reasons for his inability to secure a bank account:

the EU's definition of a politically exposed person (PEP),

prejudice from corporate institutions, and

false allegations made by a member of Parliament regarding funds from the Russian government.

If they can do it to him, do you have any doubt that you are at risk?

Watch the full Farage address below:

Full Transcript (emphasis ours):

Hello there.

Now you would think in the light of this that I'd be pretty happy - I mean, you know, 'news presenter of the year' award was pretty cool and a massive thanks to all of those people out there that voted for me.

The establishment were of course appalled because they in their little London bubble think that I'm incredibly unpopular.

Well in Notting Hill I might be maybe, not quite so in the rest of the country.

But actually truth is, I'm not full of the joys of spring.

I've been living with something for the last couple of months that may well fundamentally affect my future career going on from here, and whether I could even stay living in this country.