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Far-right activist Lauren Southern says her husband 'who worked for the feds' has divorced h


Canadian far right activist Lauren Southern has revealed her husband 'who worked for the feds' has divorced her for being a 'career deadweight'.

The 27-year-old posted a YouTube video from the woods describing her 'batsh*t' life since she was barred from Britain for handing out leaflets saying 'Allah is gay' in 2018.

Southern, from Surrey near Vancouver, shared the footage of herself wearing a black vest-top while sat on a tree trunk, alongside a lengthy Twitter explanation for her divorce and experiences since. 

She said while she had been relatively lowkey online compared to her 'heyday' in the late 2010s her 'real life' has been a 'fever dream'.

'I've been afraid to talk about it for various reasons, not least of all people wondering if I'm a full blown schizo,' she said.

The influencer went on to detail how her 'life fell apart' when her husband filed for divorce two years ago, without offering any financial support for their son.

She said she lived with her parents for months before beginning a 'beautiful healing journey' in an unlikely environment.

Describing the video revelations as part of her 'final phase of healing' by 'creating some congruence between my private life and public life', Southern recounted how she 'married someone who worked in a capacity for the feds' despite being 'treated like an international fugitive'.

Southern, who has not revealed her husband's identity, said they met while he was on 'hiatus' from work.