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Institutional Kitchens Being Warned "Have Food Stored for 10 Day Disruption in Supply Chain

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. . . they are being explicitly WARNED to "make sure you have enough food to get through a ten day supply chain outage."

The warnings are coming down from vendors and now, from GOVERNMENT. It's not a suggestion anymore, it is a mandate. They're being told "Do this; make sure it's done."

Hospitals and institutions like prisons, jails, and the like, have populations that cannot simply go elsewhere and find food; so them HAVING the food would be essential if someone knows there is definitely a major disruption to supply chains coming.

Now, on its face, there is nothing going on at the moment that might even give rise to a HINT of supply chain disruption, never mind specifically for ten days, unless . . .

The NATO Exercise in Europe from June 12-24, near the Ukraine conflict, goes "hot" and there is some type of massive exchange with Russia, as reported today, HERE.

If the powers-that-be (TPTB) already KNOW there is going to be some type of wild-weasel situation between NATO and Russia, then it would be in the interests of TPTB to cover their butts and make certain their institutions have food supplies in advance. 

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